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Tom O.C Wilson is a London-based Anglo-American with an insatiable appetite for musical discovery. His music straddles the line between the classic English pop songwriting tradition (Ray Davies, Andy Partridge, Damon Albarn) and the sophistication of current US acts such as Dirty Projectors and Deerhoof. Yet his musical canvas also draws upon wider influences, be that the exuberance of contemporary jazz (Denys Baptiste, John Hollenbeck), the raw emotional impact of twentieth century classical composition (Olivier Messiaen, Gy├Ârgy Ligeti), or the irresistible rhythmic pull of Sardinian guitarists such as Paolo Angeli and Marino De Rosas.

Tom's debut album "Tell A Friend" was released in 2017 on Pickled Egg Records, and was previewed in a series of high-profile gigs, including a session for BBC Radio 3 Exposed and headline shows at Cafe Oto and Servants Jazz Quarters in London. It received glowing reviews in Italy, France, Sweden and the UK, and was selected as an album of the year by the blogs Il Cartello, With A Messy Head and Beans on Bread

Aside from his solo work, Tom also writes and performs with the minimalist pop duo Beetles, and has composed for a host of other performers, including Sudden Junction, Flam Productions, CoMA Bristol, the Ben See band and Michael Finnissy.